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Triad is unique and growing due to its respect for the time and effort of the devoted Martial Artists who make up its members!

John Hanni Martial Arts Champion

Triad Fight League brings much needed unity to all Fighters! Helping male and female fighters amateur and professional pursue their dreams!

Alexo Bell Fighter/Promoter

Triad Rocks!!

Larry McCarty Lifelong Martial Artist
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Triad Fight League
In an unprecedented chain of events. The “Triad Fight League” has formed one of the largest MMA organizations in the world. With competing teams consisting of men and women from virtually every major city in the United States and competitors from around the world. MMA fans are sure to be in for a real treat. Teams are slated to compete against each other culminating with a first ever for MMA fans. The “MMA Supershield.” Soccer has its Cup. Football has its Bowl.   And now MMA has its Shield. The MMA Supershield!!! For info,  email at triadfightleague@comcast.net or call (610)348-3582.

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Don’t miss your chance to enter the “LionKiller World Championships!” Are you an MMA FIGHTER or JIU-JITSU COMPETITOR? Do you want to make a name for yourself? Then you need to get signed up for the “LionKiller World Championships!” It’s the largest Elimination Tournament of its kind ever! You grapple your way in and you […]

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